Pump Interactive


Your Privacy is Important!

Pump Interactive’s Reciprocity Timer App does not collect any information about you at all. All the data you voluntarily enter into our app is stored locally on your device or can be voluntarily exported to services such as your own iCloud storage account. No data about your usage is sent back to Pump Interactive ever.

You can use our app to enter and store information about your photographic equipment, to take notes including images and audio and to create custom film and filter profiles. None of this information is returned to Pump Interactive or to any third party. No information is sent over a network connection. All information is stored locally on your device.

You can delete the data stored on your device by Reciprocity Timer at any time by tapping the “Reset All Saved Data” button in the “Settings” window of our app. This will remove all stored information you have previously enter and reset the app to its defaults.